Club History

Keswick Archers was set up by friends Jeff, Robert, Derek and Jan in 2011 and quickly grew to have over 30 members in2014. Our ethos is to welcome any Archer to come and shoot for fun, or compete and win trophies.


Keswick Archers have a range of facilities including:

  • Indoor (Winter/ Spring) & Outdoor (Summer/ Autumn) ranges.
  • Two qualified GNAS Coaches.
  • Basic Training Courses and then initial use of club equipment.
  • Use of Keswick Rugby Club Bar & Facilities when open.
  • Free car parking during shoots.

Committee Members



Mr Robert Edmondson
Tel: 017687 77649
E-mail address: president@keswickarchers.co.uk

“Robert is a self-employed local builder and stone mason with a wide knowledge of the industry. Robert is a GNAS qualified archer, is exceptional at repairing all our equipment and dedicates a lot of his spare time on the club and archery. His daughter and grand-daughter are both members of the archery club.”



Mr Derek Hinchcliffe
Tel: 017687 76653
E-mail address: treasurer@keswickarchers.co.uk

“Derek works in the towns Bookends or Oxfam shops. When it comes to sports, he is torn between archery, bowls and the gun club. Derek favours the compound bow for archery and looks after any teaching on this type.”



Mrs June Houghton
Tel:017687 80340
E-mail address: secretary@keswickarchers.co.uk

“June is the proprietor of NEEDLES & PINS located in lower Main Street Keswick. June started archery in June 2011 and is a perfect example of what can be done with practice. june has represented the county in 2014″